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January 22, 2021

The WORST Dad On Twitch… By Far… Is Now In Hiding…

TheQuartering [1/22/2021]

This dude is big trouble and he knows it. He’s scrubbing all clips and social media after his little outburst.

According to Sports Yahoo:

  • Video game streamer Buckkerz recorded himself screaming at his baby and breaking his controller while playing “Madden 21.”
  • The streamer’s Twitch account has been suspended and he has deleted all of his other social media accounts.
  • The clip’s disturbing nature has angered many people on Twitter and Reddit.

On Thursday night, a clip from Twitch streamer Buckkerz that showed him screaming at his young child after losing at a video game went viral.

In the clip, Buckkerz (whose legal name hasn’t been confirmed by Insider) can be seen playing “Madden 21” with his toddler son on his lap. After having his in-game throw intercepted, the streamer yells “god dam—” as he throws his controller down, breaking it. “F—ing $300 f—ing controller” he yells as the young child screams on camera.

“I’m about to go before I lose it,” he says, placing the child down in a chair before screaming directly in its face “shut the f— up!”

His webcam then disappears and the stream cuts off.

Buckkerz is a small streamer, who according to TwitchTracker streamed himself playing “Madden 21” multiple times a week throughout November and October 2020 for under two hours to an average audience of around five viewers. His January 21 stream was his first time back and one of those five viewers managed to capture the clip and post it to Reddit.

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