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June 25, 2021

These Streams MUST Stop! Leaked DMs From xQc & Trainwrecks Look VERY Bad & Could Mean Jail

TheQuartering [6/25/2021]

All this Twitch gambling is terrible.

According to GinX:

The “Slots” section on Twitch has become the latest burning issue as many big streamers have begun urging Twitch to ban gambling from the platform as they think that it might have serious negative consequences to both content creators and viewers.

Canadian Twitch star xQc has recently revealed that he has stopped doing gambling streams because he was getting addicted to it and wanted to be done with it.

But the latest leaked Discord DMs reveal a somewhat different story as it seems that a number of Twitch streamers who are participating in gambling have undisclosed deals with the owners of gambling platforms.

The private messages between xQc and Trainwrecks revealed that Train was consulting xQc on opportunities to work with a different gambling site, what he should do in that case, and how will that process work.

Train advises xQc to “make sure you do your research” if he wants to transition to another website and then proceeds to talk about a person named “Eddie” who owns a gambling website named Stake.

What comes next is Train explaining to xQc what he will need to do when streams while playing on that website.

“You have to make a new account, he has to ban your other one,” Train wrote. “Then you have to play on fullscreen or block screen in between games, you cannot show you’re on Stake at all.”

Canada has more lenient gambling laws, which makes streaming gambling from Canada a better choice than doing it from the US, as Train says “that’s why Canada needs to happen asap” and at the time of writing, he is already streaming from Canada.

And while xQc, who recently leaked a number of high-profile sponsored gambling streamers, claims that he has quit because he was getting addicted, some critics think that his quitting was just a process of switching to another platform, though this is just a speculation.

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