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March 5, 2021

They Are Scared…. Another BIG Win, Bill Richmond, Steven Crowder & Dave Rubin All Helping

TheQuartering [3/5/2021]

After being accused of swatting someone, other major YouTubers are coming to my defense.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

YouTuber The Quartering has been accused of swatting Twitch streamer Zombaekillz after he criticized one of the Twitch streamer’s sponsors. The Quartering has vehemently denied the accusations.

The feud between the two internet personalities began on March 1st, when computer peripheral company Logitech announced that their monthly Creator Spotlight series of streams would “be led by the voices of our women creators in celebration of Women’s History Month,” including Zombaekillz. 

Retweeting the announcement, The Quartering asked Logitech, “So you all spend time promoting a creator who harasses & bullies smaller creators like @ZombaeKillz?”

“Yikes,” he continued. “How does this lady keep harassing her way to the top?”

The Quartering then shared a screenshot of a tweet made by Zombaekillz in which the Twitch streamer can be seen retweeting a candid image taken of herself and captioning it “the face I truly make when any white woman is about to get her ass BEAT TO SLEEP”.

Shortly thereafter, The Quartering found that Logitech had “hid my reply,” prompting him to “take that as an endorsement of the cyber bullying done by @zombaekillz.”

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