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June 10, 2022

This Is The WORST Thing YouTube Has Ever Done!

TheQuartering [6/10/2022]

According to Sportskeeda:

YouTube content creator The Act Man’s battle against Quantum TV reached a new height yesterday after the former got his YouTube channel demonetized by the video-sharing platform’s staff.

Later in the day, YouTube’s official Twitter account provided context towards the content creator’s recent demonetization.

YouTube finally provided context for the content creator’s recent suspension from the YouTube Partner Program and his channel’s demonetization.

According to YouTube’s official Twitter handle (@TeamYouTube), Act Man’s suspension was enforced because of some tweets that threatened to dox the family members of the platform’s creators and employees.

The YouTuber shared some of the deleted tweets, which directly pointed out YouTube’s inaction after Quantum TV doxxed his family. In the now-deleted tweet, the creator claimed that he would be starting a new video series called “Doxing Adventures w/ Act Man.”

The YouTuber provided more context towards the updates posted on the social media platform.

While community members did not appreciate YouTube’s official statement, several fans clarified that The Act Man never wanted to intentionally dox anyone’s personal information.

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