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November 5, 2021

Tim Pool Announces Joe Rogan Offered To Pay For His Treatment & The Leftist Media Melts Down!!

TheQuartering [11/5/2021]

Tim Pool is getting push back.

According to ReadMe:

YouTube right-wing Tim Poole, who has been one of the most famous online voices promoting culture war rants about the COVID-19 pandemic, recently contracted the coronavirus after refusing to be vaccinated and after hosting a fan room event with few safety protocols. in place Reported on the Daily Beast on Wednesday. Poole also claims that Joe Rogan offered to pay for a cocktail of treatments that have gained a reputation on the right that far surpasses scientific evidence for clinical use.

Poole describes himself as frustrated liberal who was turned intoenlightened centrist‘after the left was overrun by a clique of awakened social justice warriors. In practice, that means he’s one of those YouTubers who put out a seemingly endless series of reactionary culture wars, taking on the news of the day, each of which casually adapts to pre-existing prejudices of its audience, while simultaneously playing the role of a sane person. the liberal went to the planet. On his Timcast channel, the “woken up left” is constantly exploding, and anti-white racism is one of the biggest problems. confrontation of the nation, Donald Trump is a brilliant strategist who runs in circles around his opponents. cause for suspicion on the 2020 election results and Disney was overtaken communist propaganda.

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