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June 24, 2021

Tim Pool Has MELTDOWN & Demands People DOX Themselves Online Timcast IRL Host Angers Fans

TheQuartering [6/24/2021]

I will always defend you, Tim Pool, when you need it or warrant it, but this ain’t it, my dude.

According to RedditPosts:

“Why won’t Americans just stand up and quit their jobs and start their own companies” but then won’t stand up to youtube and start his own video hosting platform. What a hypocrite.

Imagine having such an impassioned rant that literally includes lines like “Crazy definitions in the dictionary”, and “Ridiculous video games with insane ideologies”, as if that stuff actually matters even slightly.

Tim “They’ll fire your mom” Pool

Tim “Mixed white guys can’t be white supremacists” Pool

Tim “Just quit your job and start a business it’s easy I did it everyone can” Pool

Tim “muh videogames” Pool

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