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December 5, 2022

Tim Pool Home Attacked! Armed Response & Very Scary Incident For Timcast IRL

TheQuartering [12/5/2022]

According to Twitter:

theres a 9mm bullet lodged in my kitchen now i cant say im surprised this happened after the wave of doxxing and threats made against us

just got word that a crew broke into one of our properties They are lucky to be alive After nearly being struck by a 9mm they panicked and dropped their belongings and fled the property Please stay the fuck away from my buildings This is WV and you will get hurt

i mean just holy shit you have to be insane to break into a WV house not only do we have guns we have like really big ones could you image breaking into a house and theres some right wing nut job with a Barrett M81A pointed at you yelling yeehaw?

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