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September 17, 2021

Tim Pool & Sarah Silverman Get Their Civil War…

TheQuartering [9/17/2021]

The USA should just split up, apparently.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Disney actor and comedian Sarah Silverman recently endorsed secession on an episode of her The Sarah Silverman Podcast.

The Wreck-It Ralph actress posted her endorsement to Twitter prefacing it saying, “Maybe we should break up.”

In the clip, Silverman states, “I mean this may be a negative thought, or maybe a positive one, I don’t know. But if people aren’t getting along like in relationship, they break up, you know?”

“So like, why don’t we just finally just realize that this, these states aren’t working and like, divide up into like two or three countries? It’ll be like USA 1 and USA 2,” she asserted.

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