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February 21, 2022

Trump’s Truth Social Launches To HUGE Demand & Twitter Has Complete Meltdown! Will It Last?

TheQuartering [2/12/1/2022]

Downloads Of Trump’s Truth Social Nearing 1 Million!

According to Insider:

Truth Social, the new social-media app from former president Donald Trump, launched on Apple’s App Store on Sunday evening.

I downloaded the app Monday and tried to use it. It didn’t quite go as planned. 

I received a series of error messages as I tried to input my details and verify my email address in a bid to join the so-called “Truthsayers” of Truth Social.

On my fifth attempt, I was finally able to create an account, add a username and password, and log in.

But then I was told I’d been placed on a wait-list of around 157,000 other wannabe users, because there was “massive demand” for the app. “We love you, and you’re not just another number to us,” the message said.

Over the next hour, my position on the wait-list didn’t change on the app. But 26 minutes after I signed up, Truth Social emailed me to tell me I’d moved up to about 77,000th on the wait-list.

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