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April 8, 2021

Twitch DESTROYED Over Female Streamer Double Standard By Asmongold & Points Out It’s Their Own Fault

TheQuartering [4/8/2021]

He may be right.

According to EarlyGame:

Asmongold is mostly known for his World of Warcraft streams, but occasionally he likes to comment on some issues. This time Zack decided to address the Twitch punishment policy and how the streaming platform doesn’t seem to follow its own rules.

What sparked Asmongold‘s comment was the fourth consecutive three-day ban of Twitch streamer Indiefoxx. The latter is mostly known for her hot tub streams and writing viewer names on her naked body. Normally, you’d expect something like this to be impossible on a streaming platform that’s not aimed at providing adult content.

It really is the question of the day and raises others like: Why is Indiefoxx not permabanned, since she already has an Onlyfans account? Asmongold mentioned that and continued with another line of thought by saying that Twitch is indirectly creating an anti-women sentiment.

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