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July 1, 2021

Twitch FINALLY Banned Her… Indiefoxx REMOVED From Partner Program & Amouranth Next?

TheQuartering [7/1/2021]

Will she make a comeback? This is her sixth banning, after all.

According to InsideSport:

IndieFoxx got removed from the Twitch Partner program after getting ban the sixth time in the year: After getting banned for the sixth time on the platform, Twitch decided to remove Indiefoxx as a Twitch partner. Twitch is known for its trends either it’s very interesting or it is controversial. We have seen so many trends in past years where many trends are inappropriate for a particular audience.

With the start of 2021 a new controversial trend taken over the platform like a storm. Hot Tub meta has started earlier this year where Amouranth and Indiefoxx were the origins of the meta. During hot tub streams, Indiefoxx got a temporary ban multiple times. Indiefoxx has gains millions of followers on Twitch. Recently a new meta hits the amazon owned streaming platform which is ASMR Meta. This meta is surrounded by the controversial streams where Indiefoxx also shifted from Hot-tub Meta to ASMR meta.

Indiefoxx recently got banned again on the platform, it is most probably a temporary ban by Twitch. But here comes the bad news for the streamer, Twitch removed the ASMR Meta streamer from the platform’s partnership. Indiefoxx didn’t react to the removal from the Twitch partners program.

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