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December 21, 2020

Twitch Just BANNED Making Fun Of Their Mods After Massive ROASTING For Banning Tayhuhu

TheQuartering [12/21/2020]

I wish I was kidding, but I don’t think it’s possible for Twitch to be more thin-skinned. These people are hilarious.

According to VG 24/7:

Twitch has announced a big update to banning and blocking. It’s no secret that Twitch chat can become a cesspool of slurs and harassment, but the biggest problem was that banned offenders could just come back minutes later with a new account and continue their barrage.

Channel-banning an offender will soon remove them from the chat list entirely, and blocking a user takes them out of the list of followers. This is a big deal for a couple of reasons.

Being removed from the chat list means they’ll no longer be able to see chat. Furthermore, not being on the list of followers after getting banned prohibits users from joining the channel again quietly and making a fuss about it later. This also should cut on instances where some despicable users were able to effectively stalk streamers by being on the list of followers and causing trouble in different ways outside of chat.

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