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December 7, 2020

Twitch Makes Most INSANE Change Yet! Banning “Blind Play” Because Feelings… DMCA Remains A Mess

TheQuartering [12/6/2020]

Twitch removed the term “Blind Playthrough” after, you guessed it–it offends someone, somewhere.

According to EuroGamer:

Twitch has removed the tag “blind playthrough” in response to feedback from gamers with disabilities.

The streaming platform encourages streamers to use alternate terms such as “first playthrough” or “no spoilers” instead.

“Happy to see Twitch has listened to everyone who shared feedback and removed the ‘Blind Playthrough’ tag to encourage more inclusive language for our community,” tweeted Twitch’s community and creator marketer, Erin “Aureylian” Wayne (thanks, Comic Book). “You can still use ‘First Playthrough’ or opt to use it in combination with ‘No Spoilers’ for the same sentiment.”

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