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October 5, 2022

Twitter Staff MELTDOWN As Elon Musk Purchase Final & PURGE Thousands Of Accounts!!

TheQuartering [10/5/2022]

According to DailyMail:

Twitter staff on Tuesday were posting exasperated and worried memes after it emerged Elon Musk was renewing his bid to buy their company.

Musk pulled out of his planned purchase of the company in July, and was facing legal action over backing out. 

On Tuesday, he shocked Silicon Valley by offering to complete the buyout at his original offer price of $44 billion.

Employees were taken aback.

‘Living the plot of Succession is f***ing exhausting,’ said Rumman Chowdhury, the director of the META (ML Ethics, Transparency and Accountability) team on Twitter.

She added: ‘I am sitting on 2023 company-wide strategy readouts and I guess we are going to collectively ignore what’s going on.’

Parker Lyons, a senior financial analyst at Twitter, tweeted a series of memes, including a young girl crying captioned: ‘writing my little emails today’.

He also tweeted a cartoon of someone attempting ‘2023 planning’ and being told: ‘This is worthless.’ 

One image featured a mock-up of Mark Zuckerberg as a priest welcoming newcomers to his flock, captioned: ‘Meta recruiters for the next 48 hours’.

Another staffer, EJ Samson, tweeted a clip of a Balenciaga model angrily marching through a catwalk covered in mud.

‘I encourage every Twitter employee to go outside and take a walk,’ he wrote. 

Some workers were venting their frustrations on the chat forum Blind, CNN reported.

‘Cue the layoffs,’ one anonymous staffer reportedly wrote.

Musk on Tuesday confirmed the deal, tweeting: ‘Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.’

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