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May 21, 2021

Unhinged Teacher BUSTED Indoctrinating Kids With Critical Race Garbage

TheQuartering [5/21/2021]

Get these crazies out of our school system.

According to the DailyWire:

On Thursday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham slammed educators and their allies across America who are injecting “anti-racism” curricula into schools, playing a clip from a California psychologist who accused faculty of lying if they claimed they were not racist. Ingraham snapped, “So if you are white, you are de facto guilty. Now, if you’re not white, you’re given special status and consideration.”

Ingraham introduced the clip by asserting, “They’re preparing, as are many schools across America, to bring racial propaganda into school subjects, every syllabus, and every academic award given out. They’re going to hire scores of rabid anti-American ideologues destroying what is left at this point of objective merit for students and faculty alike. So if you are white, you are de facto guilty. Now, if you’re not white, you’re given special status and consideration.”

“Now they call this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DEI, but it’s really just plain old racism,” she continued (video below). “Here are the types of DEI consultants and lecturers hired for the reprogramming. Meet Loyola Marymount University psychologist Sheri Atwater, recently hired by the Hermosa Beach School District in California to lecture faculty on “anti-racism.” Ingraham then played snippets of Atwater speaking to faculty.

“One of the favorite things I like to do in my multi-cultural counseling class … first question when I walk up there is, ‘Raise your hand if you’re racist and raise your hand if you’re not,’” Atwater says in the video (full video below). “And then I talk about how every single person in that room — you know, no one’s raised their hand that they’re racist — and they’re all telling the truth, but also, by the end of this lecture and discussion you’ll understand that you’re telling the truth and you’re also lying at the same time. And that’s because we have implicit biases about everything: gender, race … that they operate, these unconscious biases, without our permission, and without our control. So you can’t tell me that you’re not racist — unconsciously — because our brain’s built on understanding stereotypes, that’s how we make sense of our world.”

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