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July 14, 2021

We Must DEFEND This YouTuber! Cowardly FaZe Kay To Sue Coffeezilla After Being Caught In 4K

TheQuartering [7/14/2021]

What is even going on?

According to Dexerto:

Days after being kicked out of FaZe Clan due to his reported involvement in various cryptocurrency scandals, Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri has now issued a cease and desist letter to YouTube investigator Coffeezilla who originally exposed his actions.

Kay was formally removed from FaZe Clan on July 2 after his reported involvement in a number of cryptocurrency ‘pump and dump’ schemes was brought to light. After denying all evidence against him in a July 10 response, Kay has now threatened legal action against Coffeezilla, a YouTuber that helped expose the alleged scams.

A cease and desist letter was recently issued to Coffeezilla. This legal notice demanded he take down all videos mentioning Kay and retract all “defamatory statements” in a public manner. 

Following up with a new video of his own on July 14, the YouTuber revealed the full scope of legal threat and laughed off said Kay’s latest demands.

“Kay sent me a cease and desist letter for my SaveTheKids video,” he addressed on Twitter. “He says I caused him to lose millions in revenue and that if I don’t delete my videos, he’s going to sue me.”

The legal notice, which can be seen in full right here, threatens a new “litigation against [Coffeezilla]” if all demands are not met within 24 hours of receiving the letter. “Unfortunately,” the YouTuber joked, “I’m gonna miss the deadline boys.”

Furthermore, any collaborators involved in the original SaveTheKids video will also be lumped into the litigation from Kay’s lawyers.

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