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June 29, 2021

We MUST Find This Girl! Daughter Of Content Creator Disappears! Please Help! #FindSarah

TheQuartering [6/29/2021]

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According to Dextero:

MikeyPerk’s daughter Sarah is missing in the Ohio area and the Twitch streamer has turned to social media (with a #FINDSARAH hashtag) to expand the search as police try to locate her after she snuck out on June 25.

On June 25, MikeyPerk’s daughter Sarah snuck out of their home to go to a hotel party with older friends. Two days later, the Twitch streamer and multiple Ohio police departments are still unable to find her. 

In posts on Twitter and YouTube, MikeyPerk has explained that Sarah’s phone appears to be dead, her friends seem unaware of where she is, and that the local police have found no leads.

With hopes of reaching more people and spreading the search out even further, the streamer has called on Twitter and YouTube communities to try and help. In those appeals, he has shared information about her appearance, possible locations, and defining features.

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