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July 8, 2021

Why Is Pizza Hut Sponsoring Hate In Schools? You Need To See This!

TheQuartering [7/8/2021]

This is insane.

According to ThePostMillienial:

Children as young as 11 are being made to recite the widely divisive, race essentialist ideology Critical Race Theory by their school teachers.

A video that surfaced on May 26 shows children’s responses to teacher’s questions about race relations in a public school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NYC.

In the clip above, Allison Dempsey introduces herself as a fifth-grade social studies teacher, and talks briefly about “inquiry-based learning”, mentioning that “the children guide the learning.”

She asked one student “What is the dominant culture, what does the dominant culture do?” who replied, “they make people believe certain stereotypes about certain groups of people, not just blacks, also browned [sic] or indigenous, anybody who’s skin color is darker.”

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