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February 2, 2022

Woke Company Now BEGGING For Customers After Posting Email Insulting Republicans!

TheQuartering [2/1/2022]

According to WeAreGrenBay:

A spice company that is headquartered in Wisconsin, but has stores across the country is doing a sale to try to get customers back after they lost over 40,000 when they called Republicans ‘racist’.

According to Penzeys Spices, they called Republicans racist in their ‘Voice of Cooking’ email list. The company said their action started a ‘Boycott Penzeys’ motion.

In a Facebook post, they say the statement cost the company 40,005 customers to unsubscribe from their Voice of Cooking email list. The 40,005 unsubscribes reportedly translated to about 3% of the list.

However, it was also mentioned that 30,000 new customers have signed up, but they are still down 10,000.

In an attempt to replace some of the customers they lost, Penzeys is offering a sale of two $25 gift cards for $35.

That same Facebook post talks about the ‘Republican vaccine lies’ that are ‘needless killing 10,000 Americans every week.

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