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July 6, 2023

Woke Doctors MUST Be Stopped! Women OUTRAGED By Being Called “Bonus Holes”

TheQuartering [7/6/2023]

According to FoxNews:

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, a United Kingdom-based non-profit, is offering alternative vocabulary for women’s genitalia to increase what the organization is saying is inclusivity in medical language.

According to the cancer trust’s official glossary of LGBT-inclusive terms, “bonus hole” is an optional term for “vagina” in the context of cancer treatment.

According to its website, the trust offers the following definition and guidelines: “An alternative word for the vagina. It is important to check which words someone would prefer to use.”

The glossary also offers “front hole” as an alternative term for a vagina.

“Using the correct language when referring to someone’s gender identity is a simple and effective way to demonstrate support and recognition,” Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust states in the glossary section of its official website. 

“If incorrect language is used without being corrected, it can cause someone to feel hurt or distressed. This may lead them to leave and to eventually seek support elsewhere.”

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