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November 16, 2022

Woke G4TV Interview Questions Revealed! Anti-White Male Mandate & So Much More! Frosk Loved It!

TheQuartering [11/16/2022]

According to ClownfishTV:

In the wake of the cancelation and closure of the reboot to G4TV by Comcast, more details about the short-lived network have been coming out. A combination of tweets and open discussions on podcasts from various individuals involved with the network have given everyone insight into how the network was troubled for a long time. But was even more about G4TV prior to the network’s relaunch plagued by other factors unrelated to what was seen in their content? Details about what it was like to interview for a job at G4TV may have given more troubling answers.

During the Spawncast After Show (around the 52:36 time mark) posted on the YouTube channel for RGT85, the channel being RGT Live and Extra, content creator MissClick openly talked about her experience going through the interview process for G4TV. The discussion during the live show first started with chatter about the late actor Kevin Conroy and his contribution as the voice of Batman. This was interrupted by MissClick asking if it was OK to discuss something related now that G4TV was no longer around.

During the show, MissClick went on to talk about what she meant. “I was already sus of G4TV during the interview process… they offered me a host position… where you have to relocate out to LA. So I go through the interview process, and the guy that was interviewing me… he goes ‘So why should we cancel Batman?… Why do you believe we should cancel Batman?’… And I was like, why are we canceling Batman?… And he said ‘because he’s rich and he’s white… people believe that he just skates on the law and that if someone of color did the same thing they wouldn’t get away with it as he does…’”

As MissClick went on to detail more about her experience, both the other hosts of the show and the audience in the chat watching were confused and shocked at the revelation. Host RGT85 went on to ask “That’s a real-ass question that they asked you?”. To which MissClick replied immediately after with, “That’s literally what G4 recruiting asked me, and whoever their manager was or whatever their interviewers were doing…”

During the rest of the live show, MissClick and the rest of the host response to questions and comments from the audience who react to the story. Many of them were very shocked to hear her story. She goes on to talk about her thoughts on the matter. “… I think this is one of the reasons why they didn’t pursue me to the next level… To be honest, if I was getting robbed or assaulted in Arkham or something, I wouldn’t really care who is saving me, I wouldn’t care if he’s rich and white, I just care enough that he’s actually saving people…” MissClick then says about the interviewer’s response “(I asked) … Are you going to do anything about it? And he didn’t like that answer…”

Another point brought up during her story was questions about what other superhero MissClick would cancel. She detailed how awkward the questions about it were and described how she had to give an answer to the interviewer, which ended up being the Punisher. Some of the other hosts on the show suggested that the interviewer was probably looking for an answer like Spider-Man since the web-slinger has worked alongside the NYPD in Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4. While that is unrelated speculation, what was understood among the hosts and the audience watching was how awkward and uncomfortable the questions were.

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