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October 25, 2022

Woke Protestor SPITS On YouTuber Alex Stein & Things Get CRAZY!

TheQuartering [10/25/2022]

According to TheNYPost:

This protester was literally spitting mad.

Shocking video footage caught an enraged woman spitting at right-wing provocateur Alex Stein as he mocked the protests that shut down his show at Penn State University.

The BlazeTV personality caught the vile moment as he mingled with those rallying to stop the Uncensored America event also featuring Gavin McInnes, a co-founder of both the Proud Boys and the Vice media empire.

As Stein walked through the throng of angry protesters, he focused on one woman who aggressively flipped the bird at him while she also repeatedly screamed: “I f—ing hate you! I hope you f—ing die!”

Smiling as he filmed her screaming behind him, Stein quipped: “I love you — I think you’re a very nice woman.”

She responded by spitting at him from inches away, leaving a disgusting, several-inches-long loogie snaking across his suit jacket’s left shoulder — then flipping the bird again and screaming another “F–k you!”

“Oh, she spit on me!” Stein screeched, howling with laughter, while later stressing the act constituted “assault.”

He further teased the enraged activist, telling her: “I like that fetish — that turns me on. Now she turns me on!”

Stein played a slow-motion clip of the scene along with a romantic song calling her his “favorite girl.”

He also quipped that it would make lefty New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jealous, writing: “Sorry AOC I’ve got a new boo.”

Stein called the protesters a “bunch of cowards” who were against free speech — with some angrily shouting “Shut the f–k up” as he tried to speak to them.

Penn State said the event had to be canceled “due to the threat of escalating violence.”

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