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February 8, 2021

Woke Super Bowl Ads BACKFIRE, Joe Biden Gets BOOED, The Fall Of Amy Schumer & Wayne’s World?

TheQuartering [2/8/2021]

One of the best parts about the Super Bowl used to be the commercials. Nowadays, the best part about the Super Bowl is the puppy bowl.

According to the Independent:

Donald Trump Jr tweeted his displeasure at the liberal nature of Super Bowl ads – just moments after the game kicked off.

“One comercial [sic] in and it’s already woketopia,” he tweeted adding the eye roll emoji and the hashtag for the game.

It was unclear when he tuned in and which ad he was referring to, given the number of commercials that saturate the run-up to, and the beginning of, the big game.

Some of this year’s ads channel socially-conscious themes, hence the accusation of being “woke”, others reference the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While many of the traditional Super Bowl advertisers chose to sit out this year’s broadcast, including Budweiser and Coca-Cola, at least 15 new advertisers were ready to step into the gap.

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