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October 22, 2021

Woke Superman TANKS As DC Attempts To Spin 50% Drop In Sales As A “Good Thing”

TheQuartering [10/22/2021]

Woke Superman sets pathetic new low for DC in sales!

According to ComicbookInvest:

Not that I’m obsessed with DC, but after taking a look at Batman you gotta admit that it makes sense to look at Superman. I might be doing Marvel one of these days, but it’d interesting to see the numbers for Wonder Woman or one of the other DC characters that as comic readers we tend to label as A-list like Green Lantern or Flash. We’ll see, let me know if you guys have a preference.

It also is a bit in the opposite side of Batman, in that the current run of Superman has been the surprise title of Rebirth, how does that translate into sales, though?

What looking at Superman’s general numbers show is that while we can expect Batman to sell around 100K copies, it seems DC is OK with Superman doing around 60K …

Last week’s disclaimers still apply, let’s go!!!

For clarity’s sake, remember that the 2nd volume started with John Byrne back in 1987 and went all the way to Infinite Crisis in 2006. The original Superman title became Adventures of Superman in the meantime. With issue #650, Adventures of Superman became Superman again.

The data starts on #121 of Superman vol. 2, which moved 56,462 copies.

I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t remember what happened on Superman #123, because it’s kinda sad. We are talking about Electric Superman, of course. More than 260K copies of which 213,481 were collector’s editions with glow in the dark covers. Of course, we are talking about ’97 and this is one of that covers people think about when they complain about the crisis. It was gimmicks and events like this that brought the industry to its knees. If you look at it from the publisher’s point of view, though, perfectly understandable. The problem being that new people only came for the cover and the blue Superman, then left.

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