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August 2, 2022

Woman ADMITS The Brutal Reality & Regret Of Having An Only Fans Account

TheQuartering [8/2/2022]

According to a RedditUser:

I am in an amazing relationship with an amazing man who I am totally in love with. I am blissfully happy. We have an open and honest relationship which is something I love, but I haven’t been totally honest about my past.

I made an only fans account which only lasted about 1 month (this was prior to meeting him) It was nothing hardcore and my face wasn’t in any photos. I also used a different name and have since deleted every account linking to it, and removed every piece of evidence on the internet. it is now as if It never happened. It’s something I regret a lot, and to any girls considering onlyfans please stop and think about how it may impact your future!

I have a nagging feeling that i should tell him. Part of me feels like I owe it to him, because i want us to know everything about each-other without secrets, but the other part is terrified that it will be too much for him . The other part of me thinks that I don’t need to tell him, because it happened before we met, in a time when i was a very different person to who i am now. I don’t want to know everything about his past relationships etc so I don’t think he needs to know everything about mine either. I think to some extent that people all have skeletons in the closet, and i think that’s okay?

I guess I would like some advice? If i tell him I think it would be game over. If i don’t tell him then we stay together and our lives are amazing, but it may always be in the back of my mind.

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