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December 17, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 Gets WOKE Totally OWNS Trump But Reviews Say It Still Stinks!

TheQuartering [12/17/2020]

I mean, go on and slay queen, but maybe you should have focused on making a better movie over totally owning Trump…

According to GQ:

Wonder Woman 1984’s villain is based on Donald Trump. Who cares?

Wonder Woman 1984 is the latest average superhero film to hide behind a facile political statement. It’s all an attempt to pre-empt critical reaction to an otherwise boring movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 is… fine. But it’s also full of platitudes, largely humourless – the “Wow, weren’t the 1980s so quirky?” premise wears thin pretty quickly – and at least 40 minutes too long. Even by the standards of more niche outlets (you know, the ones that write exclusively about comic books and the DC Extended Universe, to whom the appearance of the evil cat lady who fights Wonder Woman at the film’s climax might actually make sense), the praise for the film was unjustified. Simply put, there had to be another reason why everyone was going so mad for the film and why a story about a woman in a corset who has a magic whip could ever be hailed as “important”.

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