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January 5, 2021

Wonder Woman 1984 Is WORST Rated DC Movie In History, Box Office TANKS & Gal Gadot On Damage Control

TheQuartering [1/5/2020]

The worst part about this is that the first film was just so good and Patty Jenkins just destroyed this one.

According to GeekTyrant:

Wonder Woman 1984 is now the lowest-rated DCEU film on IMDb. The film currently has a rating of only 5.6. What’s sad and amusing about this is the fact that the first Wonder Woman film is the highest rated DCEU movie with a rating of 7.4.

The ratings of the other DC film between the two Wonder Woman sequels include Man of Steel (7.0), Shazam! (7.0), Aquaman (6.9), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (6.4), Justice League (6.3), Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (6.1), and finally Suicide Squad (6.0).

The first Wonder Woman film set a high bar of standard for the DC films, and it’s a big disappointment that the sequel came nowhere near that bar of standard. Wonder Woman 1984 should have been so much better.

Hopefully, director Patty Jenkins and the creative team can redeem themselves with the recently announced Wonder Woman 3 film, which is now on the fast-track to production.

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