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November 12, 2020

XBOX Series X BURSTS Into Flames? Widespread Technical Issues Reported With New XBOX Console

TheQuartering [11/11/2020]

Well I have to admit, I am looking side eyed at my xbox console as it sits next to me right now, I don’t want the thing to burn my house down lol.

According to Gizmodo:

The Xbox Series X is so hot right now, and I don’t mean figuratively. I mean literally. Some people are claiming that their new Xboxes are catching on fire, but there’s a lot of skepticism over whether these claims are true. As our sister site Kotaku reports, this could be an elaborate hoax.

It all started with a tweet from one Xbox Series X owner, Arek Adamowicz. In a video tweeted to Xbox Poland, Adamowicz captures what appears to smoke pouring out from the top of the console after just a couple minutes of it being turned on. Another Twitter user, Nick Blanco, posted a similar video.

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