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August 29, 2022

YouTube ATTACKS Massive Creator Markiplier After He EXPOSED Them For Favoritism RE CoryxKenshin

TheQuartering [8/29/2022]

According to SportsSkeeda:

Days after CoryxKenshin accused YouTube of playing favorites and/or being racists, Markiplier uploaded a video to test this theory. The video is a playthrough of a game called Orc Massage on Steam, which features a lot of nudity and se*ual content. It was Mark’s attempt to gauge how much time it would take for YouTube to age-restrict his video.

At the time of writing this, the video has not been restricted, despite being on his channel for 20 hours.

On August 24, CoryxKenshin, one of the biggest African-American gaming creators on YouTube, posted a video titled YouTube: Racism and Favoritism. In it, Cory accused the Google-owned platform of intentionally sabotaging his channel by age-restricting the walkthrough of Mortuary Assistant, a well-recieved horror game released this month.

The YouTuber’s main gripe was with the fact that none of the other creators who had played through the same level got age-restricted. Cory, in fact, used Markiplier’s video of the same content in his argument. Now, the latter has publicly uploaded a video specifically to test the theory that YouTube disproportionately favors certain creators.

Between CoryxKenshin and The Act Man’s recent allegations against YouTube, the world’s biggest video hosting platform is not having a good month. While Act Man was demonitzed for making a few sarcastic Twitter comments, he has accused YouTube of not taking steps against real-life doxxing.

Cory’s allegations of the platform playing favorites have gained a lot of traction in the community, with many creators coming out in support of him. Inconsistent moderation has been a long-standing complaint against YouTube by many content creators, and adding charges of racism have only fueled the online debate.

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