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June 4, 2021

YouTube BANS Awful Mom After OUTRAGE But Here Is Why They Were WRONG…

TheQuartering [6/4/2021]

Free Speech isn’t the easiest to defend sometimes.

According to Dexerto:

YouTube have made efforts to crack down on users that breach their terms and conditions over the past few months, and after several complaints, streamer Shanny for Christ has been banned for violating the site’s child safety policy.

Dornbush was convicted of assaulting former partner Jason Ergoff in 2019 after a domestic incident. A verified police report found that she slapped Ergoff across the face before lashing him with a whip.

Her main channel has now been removed for a disturbing video that showed her current partner threatening to beat one of their children, but she continues to try and evade the system.

However, a second comment on June 2 shows one of YouTube’s representatives confirming that the stream “violates their policy” and that they subsequently “removed the content from the platform.”

Despite this, Dornbush appealed overnight and the stream was reinstated. This was posted on her original social media (now deactivated) with the caption “ha take that haters.”

Getting back in touch with YouTube, Tenbarge said: “They removed the video for a second time. Then, for good measure, they terminated Dornbush’s channel.” She then created a second channel, which was also removed.

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