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November 1, 2023

Youtube BANS Massive Youtuber Louis Rossmann For Simply Promoting An App Alternative To Youtube!

TheQuartering [11/1/2023]

According to ItsFoss:

Video streaming services mostly include DRMs and restrictions to download offline copies of the media, even if you own them.

Every platform has its set of rules that may or may not be fair to the creators. And, for consumers? Multiple networks to follow, and confusion regarding subscription options available for the platforms.

What if we had a single application that allowed us to access videos from all those networks?

Not just that: what if we could have the perks of offline downloads and more features like the ability to cast videos to TV within the same app, without needing to use multiple apps?

And, all of that in the form of an app whose source code is available to inspect and modify. Sounds impressive, right?

Well, that’s what an organization, FUTO (with Louis Rossmann being one of its members) has come up with.

Meet “Grayjay“, an app where you can follow content creators across multiple networks without DRMs and any unnecessary restrictions.

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