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July 17, 2021

YouTube DESTROYS MxR Plays YouTube Channel With ZERO Explanation!

TheQuartering [7/16/2021]

We’ve worked with MxR Plays a lot over the years. Let’s defend them!

According to Reddit:

We need to help MxR I’m going to try and reach Philip DeFranco and h3h3 Productions on Twitter and Instagram so they can talk about it and hopefully help please do the same todays video was so hard to watch when Henry said “I was trying to hug you because times like this always remind me of what’s important and that I’m not in this alone” I broke down and cried because I could hear the pain in voice I feel it and it hurts, this is the most wholesome couple but YouTube keeps targeting them I’m so sick and tired of this we need to reach out and make sure their voices are heard now is the time fellow Crusaders.

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