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June 29, 2023

YouTube’s Biggest CREEP Is A Woman? Miranda Sings AKA Colleen Ballinger Hit With WILD Claims!

TheQuartering [6/29/2023]

According to HinduStandTimes:

Colleen Ballinger, better known as her internet character Miranda Sings, denied the grooming allegations against her by singing a song on her ukulele. The YouTube star posted the 10-minute-long video on Wednesday, June 28.

Ballinger faced public allegations of grooming in April 2020. Adam McIntyre, a former superfan, released a video titled, “colleen ballinger, stop lying”. He claimed that Ballinger developed an “imbalanced, unhealthy friendship” when he was just 13 years old. He revealed that the YouTuber sent him her underwear.

McIntyre explained how he was part of a small Twitter group chat, named “Colleeny’s Weenies”, with Ballinger and some of her other fans. Earlier this month, McIntyre shared screenshots of Ballinger asking him what his “favourite position” was.

Ballinger released an apology video in 2020 in which she admitted to sending McIntyre her bra and underpants. Fans accepted her apology and continued to support her. McIntyre’s allegations were dismissed and he faced harassment from Ballinger’s fanbase.

However, the issue resurfaced after YouTube personality Kodee Tyler, known as KodeeRants, shared a lengthy video on June 3 defending McIntyre’s claims. Her description of her relationship with Ballinger and her “toxic” fanbase corroborated McIntyre’s allegations. She shared screenshots of the Miranda Sings star asking minors in a group whether or not they were virgins and what their favourite sex positions were. The video was later deleted.

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